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It might be hard to resist in front of such beautifull photos and posters from California; Hard, but easy to walk around the streets of "El Pueblo" of Los Angeles, find back the promotionnal adds made for the early immigration to the West, recapture the spirit and the taste of the sunny famous orange promos,...go through the Golden Gate in San Francisco, get astonished while taking a good look at the lovely Victorian Houses, etc, etc, etc...

Great gift ideas to illuminate your rooms and turn them into a Californian style...
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Thanks to support the West Coast Radio with our partner AllPosters.com,...while proclaming to the world your liking for the Golden State.

Here are 20 photos of the City of the Angels...Some great pictures from the 30's till today that really couldn't let the "California Lovers" unsensible.

The only Los Angeles Calendar. Don't miss it!

No need to introduce anybody to the Lakers...This famous Basketball team from Los Angeles has been conquiring the world for years now!
If you're fan, you'll find what you want here,...that's for sure...

Quite all the magnets,...little pieces of Los Angeles you can put on your refrigerators for fun.

The amazing city of San Francisco with quite 40 photos...Feel free to check them out.

Boutique California-101
Boutique California-101